Championship Team Leadership Program

The objective of the CTLP is to create a commitment to alignment, leadership, teamwork, and communication that is anchored in the business strategy. This program is for established teams, teams in formulation, teams expanding and teams contracting, as well as individuals who work cross-functionally and move from team to team.

Clients report results consistent with the strategic direction of the company such as increased productivity and deliverables, lowered cost, and reduced cycle time. An environment of success and fulfillment for all is built—in a timeframe you wouldn’t think possible.


Highlighted Results:

Alignment to strategic direction

Ability to constructively disagree and openly talk about issues

Ability to become stronger in the face of adversity

A career highlight for all involved that impacts individual and group performances

Increases accountability and responsibility and accelerated the effectiveness of execution of future projects




We experienced our best performance year ever... I believe this program contributed to it.

The single largest achievement in my experience of the work [Championship Team Leadership Program] is that the hierarchy that limits communication in most organizations, did not exist in the days of the work, nor in the months following. Those that engaged in the work, whether they'd been with the company 10 years or 10 weeks will still reach out and ask questions, provide direct feedback as to what is working or not. This has proven invaluable as we have changed a number of things in the months since, and while not always seamless, the resistance to change... has dropped markedly.

...More leaders, more engaged, more buy in on the larger business case.  We experienced our best performance year ever in 2015. I believe this program contributed to it.